Geoei Grafik

Brand Strategist • Graphic Designer • Content Creator
Elevating Electronic Music communication projects in a Queer Safe Space

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Queer Safe space for your electro Projects

Embrace a welcoming and inclusive queer professional workspace, free from judgment, racism, and discrimination. I offer a perfect blend of respect and professionalism, empowering you to be your authentic self. #QueerSafeSpace #GraphicDesign #Inclusivity

Fusing my Passion
with my

As a graphic designer with a own Company, I unite my greatest music passion with my work, elevating the world of electronic music and performers through captivating visuals and projects. 
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business with a reliable ADV specialist, ensuring a serious, results-driven environment within your budget. Spread the word and share the care!
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My Creative Journey

For me, this is the most effective approach to achieving a design that truly stands out:

  1. Free 30-Minute Briefing: We begin with a complimentary 30-minute discussion to understand your needs and goals.

  2. Presentation of a Tailored Offer: Once we have a clear picture of your requirements, we'll provide you with a customized economic proposal. Upon your approval, we'll proceed with contract formalities.

  3. Research and Mood Board: Conduct thorough research and create a mood board to set the creative direction for your project.

  4. Commencement of the Creative Project: With the groundwork in place, we kickstart the creative project.

  5. Additional Briefing for Project Introduction: We'll arrange another briefing to introduce you to the project specifics and ensure alignment.

  6. Revision Rounds (Up to 2 Revisions): We offer up to two revision rounds to fine-tune the project. Any revisions beyond this may require a new proposal.

  7. Let's Make It Happen! (Project Printing or Posting): After final approval, we proceed with bringing your project to life.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I have made a deliberate choice not to work with tight deadlines, as my past experience has shown that 'urgency' can stifle creativity. I strongly recommend reaching out well in advance so that we can ensure a smooth and creative collaboration throughout the process.

Let's bring your vision to reality!

Queer-Friendly Freelancer Space

Welcome! I celebrate diversity and respect your identity. Let's chat about your vision in a free, private 30-minute call. Your privacy is guaranteed.Join me in this journey toward inclusivity and respect.